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Some seldom shown pieces reunited for open studio show

During Vienna Art Week, I had a mini-show in a twelve-room apartment aka the Viennese studio. Old friends, like my neon sign “Girls wanted”, the pizza-boxed video series “17 Sekunden Kunst”, the Wittmann-manufactured cushions “Art-Free Territory” and the Mercedes-Benz tribute photo series “Communication”, joined forces with brand new stuff, like the installation “Curators’ Water”, the light-boxed photo series “Some things that long time do not exist” (Duratrans, light-box, crank), the xerography-inspired, Teheran-produced work “Role Models” (edition: 1), the photographed alphabet “Trees and poets, citified” (Dibond) and the post-future of painting series “Stuff”. Visitors also got a chance to preview the video series “Message to the World” while hanging out at the bar, and to engage in the participatory media installation “Get Fit With Dr. Lapschina”.
N.B.: “Thank you” to everyone who made this exhib possible, and especially to Mario Codognato for more than an hour of questions and answers.

How artists can improve your work-life balance

For my recent show in the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck I married interior design with work-life balance with art. The blend was called “Einrichtungsberatung” – essentially a system of interior design and visual arts theory and therapy.

The installation, at Schauraum für zeitgenössische Kunst und Design, assembled work related elements – like the filing cabinet “Ordnungshalber” – and stuff for having fun – like the video work “The influence of alcoholic drinks on the social intercourse of the intelligentsija” (a piano-inspired TV-rack, a 56′ film, TV and DVD) – to an out-of-this-world living room.

Although I resisted to bring some of my paintings, the mansion was fully equipped with distinctive Lapschina-isms.

Ready to roll: “Ziel erreicht”

It apparently arrived from outer space. “Destination reached,” a monitor is breathing monotonously. It’s unclear if the message ever will be decoded.

A new piece – actually a three-channel video installation with sound.

“Ziel erreicht”
media installation
[exhibition view, Kunsthalle Exnergasse at the WUK, Vienna]

Art en gare: An installation that never sleeps!

The Walloon capital Namur plays host to my solo show “Before I Start II”. Given the extraordinary location – it’s at the Central Station – I decided to make a monolithic installation which responds to the 24/7 opening hours.

New additions to “Get Fit With Dr. Lapschina” video series premiered in the Americas

The MUTE – Museo Municipal Tecleño – is currently presenting my very new video installation “Get Fit With Dr. Lapschina”. I had the chance to transform three halls into a parade ground (or a gym, depending on your point of view). Visitors are bewitched by the possibility to grab simple tools or fancy stuff and reenact in realtime what they are seeing on the screen.

Meant as a comment on the zeitgeist, the videos discuss public health and literacy, gadgets and glamour.

The series, which has significantly enlarged since a first preview at Zorzini Contemporary in 2012, currently consists of seven channels. Requirements for showing: a silent projector or a big plasma TV, good stereo speakers and a subwoofer.

Flow. Just Flow.

“The visual rhythm of the work is subtle and complex,” curator N. Elizabeth Schlatter wrote about my three-channel video installation “trance_siberia”. It creates a flowing experience for the viewer, that, “at times encourages daydreaming and relaxation”.

The psychological concept of flow is at the heart of the exhibition “Flow, Just Flow: Variations on a Theme”, which is on view in the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art, University of Richmond Museums, VA, from January 29 to June 28, 2013.

“trance_siberia”, a piece which lasts for 3 hours, initially was shown with live sound at the MAK in Vienna. It experienced a spectacular outdoor screening at the Peristil in the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, in the course of the Split Festival of New Film.

Addendum: Lena Lapschina’s artist’s talk at the Harnett Museum of Art, on Monday, March 4, 2013, noon to 1 p.m., has been made possible with a grant from the Austrian Cultural Forum, Washington, D.C.