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Fly Me To The Moon! Bring Me To The Stars!

When Kunsthaus Zürich invited me to be in a heavenly exhibit called “Fly Me To The Moon”, I sat back, listened to sound from outer space – and remembered a photo series I’ve produced once upon a time at the various Star Cities. The following weeks I tried to recap that very moment when people for the first time left the Earth behind and set off towards the Stars. Scientists – from Galilei to Tsiolkovsky – came to my mind, and formulae, and pictures from cosmic voyages.

The result of this endeavour is “Bring Me To The Stars”. Eight photographs, with annotations in the margins, elucidatory or lunatic, a fusion of dreams and reality.

Kunsthaus Zürich, 4 April – 30 June [de] [en] [fr]. Curated by Cathérine Hug. Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, 20 July – 3 November 2019.


“Runtime” is a two-channel video installation with sound. It oscillates between the topics of time and tension, energy and inner strength. The two projections, which are placed at right angles, seem to be influenced by context. Watched in the daytime or in the nighttime, tonalities vary. I’ve been installing “Runtime” for the first time in the course of a private view in Kunsthalle Kleinbasel (Switzerland). There’s also a limited photo series of “Runtime” available.

Some seldom shown pieces reunited for open studio show

During Vienna Art Week, I had a mini-show in a twelve-room apartment aka the Viennese studio. Old friends, like my neon sign “Girls wanted”, the pizza-boxed video series “17 Sekunden Kunst”, the Wittmann-manufactured cushions “Art-Free Territory” and the Mercedes-Benz tribute photo series “Communication”, joined forces with brand new stuff, like the installation “Curators’ Water”, the light-boxed photo series “Some things that long time do not exist” (Duratrans, light-box, crank), the xerography-inspired, Teheran-produced work “Role Models” (edition: 1), the photographed alphabet “Trees and poets, citified” (Dibond) and the post-future of painting series “Stuff”. Visitors also got a chance to preview the video series “Message to the World” while hanging out at the bar, and to engage in the participatory media installation “Get Fit With Dr. Lapschina”.
N.B.: “Thank you” to everyone who made this exhib possible, and especially to Mario Codognato for more than an hour of questions and answers.

The trees and the poets of San Diego

Ash, Beech, Cedar, …, Xenophon, Yonge, Zola: Trees and poets spread across the urban space, thus forming it and holding it together. Although it looks like a simple idea, the system of alphabetically ordered street names (as we often find it in the U.S.) indeed tells complex stories about the historical, current and even future developments of urban conglomerates.

“Trees and poets, citified [The urbanist’s alphabet]” is a research project by Lena Lapschina on urban structures, street life and visual user-interfaces of big cities. A solo exhibition at the Kaunas Photography Gallery assembles a cycle of twenty-six photographs.

Some things that long time do not exist

Visitors of the “Behausung” exhibition in Sëlva, Italy, will find a new photo series of mine: “Some things that long time do not exist”. Six photographs, assembled into a diorama-style lightbox and switched by means of a crank, are dealing with the subject of leaving – and leaving something behind. Catalogue in German, Italian and Ladin languages.

Tour of duty: the Saigon “Road Show” photo session

Here’s a fleeting glimpse of “Road Show”, a photo series I shot during my recent stay in Vietnam.

The mise en scène queries the endeavours of museums to help visitors more fully engage with the art on view and to offer a range of opportunities for visitors to experience and share ideas about works of art, including through one-on-one discussion with the artist herself.

Saigon (aka Ho Chi Minh City) with its latest style of masks and motor scooters provided an extragalactic backdrop for this photo shoot.