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This is not a gallery!

With her hastily scrawled note “This is not a gallery!”, complete with exclamation marks and double underlines, Lena Lapschina sows confusion in the shop window. Passers-by find themselves engaging in self-dialogues. “This is not a gallery!” they murmur. “So what is it then? What’s happening here?” Through this work, Lena Lapschina highlights the decorative-aesthetic function of the glass case in urban space and the voids that emerge when the rhythm of stores and commerce is disrupted.

I’m citing here the catalogue for the schaudrei exhibit at ent, where my latest light object, “This is not a gallery!”, is on display.

The above-stated confusion, I have to admit, is produced by taking a means of advertising (the “neon” sign), letting it glow, and injecting the word “not”.

Shout-out: The beautiful photographs here were shot on location by Verena Mayrhofer.

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