The Châteauneuf intervention: A very special in situ piece

I’m totally passionate about developing a piece of art for a unique space. Sometimes this happens in early stages of a project, in intense dialogue with the architects. Sometimes the édifice is already among us for a while, has surrounded itself with an aura.

Thus it’s clear that I’m very happy when I’m invited to produce an intervention at an eighthundred year old structure like the Châteauneuf église. This romanesque church in the Brionnais – it’s huge, it’s pure, it’s magnifique!

There aren’t that many events scheduled at this sacred facility these days, what makes this place the ideal hideaway for contemplation. That’s why I decided to create a very subtle installation here – a piece which can support you when you are in need for this support, a piece which doesn’t disturb you when you didn’t ask for disruption.

Here and there appears a word, here and there a cryptic pictorial message, on a wall, on the floor, or interwoven with the holy decoration. Don’t worry. Begin a new life.