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Untitled (No. 407)

Murals tend to be huge, and artists like to do magnificent things. But not every patron of the arts has got these big walls. So I decided to develop murals which fit into c-suites and – even more important – into the private salon.
Today I want to share a new work which is private and public at the same time: “Untitled (No. 407)”. It’s a tape drawing commissioned by Arlberg Hospiz Hotel in Tyrol. To enjoy it for some nights, just ask for suite no. 407!

There is a mural on the very peaks of the mountains

Visitors seem to love my newest tape drawing “Sword, Dog, Mountain, Car”, which was unveiled last month at – and commissioned by – Arlberg Hospiz Hotel*****. It’s really huge: six walls, one hundred square meters, more than 600 meters of Pattex power tape. Location: A-6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Christoph 1, Austria.